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Automatic feeders

PA-04/H Automatic Feeder
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PA-04/H Automatic Feeder
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PA-04/H Automatic Feeder
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  • PA-04/H Automatic Feeder
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PA-04/H Automatic Feeder


The automatic feeder is dedicated for automatic dispensing of small objects onto the weighing pan of RADWAG-manufactured balance to which it is connected. The feeder ensures regular feeding of the elements in accordance with determined time intervals.

Operation and Compatibility
The PA-04/H feeder cooperates with XA 4Y and AS 3Y analytical balances and PS 3Y precision balances. Both the feeder and the balance are automated devices. The balance carries out analysis of dosed elements and sends signal to the feeder to dispense subsequent element. The feeder features diodes, signalling its operation, and keypad allowing to control the process. Automatic feeder is equipped with function of automatic emptying of the storage bin.

Vibrating Feeder
Cylindrical vibrating feeder with storage bin enables safe and precise dosing of elements. The storage bin has a conical and stepped shape and is continuously welded. The stainless steel surface of adequate roughness reduces elements grating during dosing process.

Variety of Applications
The feeder is appropriate for dosing pills of diameter ranging from 3 to 25 mm, round and oblong, as well as details of similar shapes and dimensions

The device is equipped with powder-coated steel housing and stainless steel cover. The storage bin features transparent lid that allows verifying quantity of remaining elements.

Compatible with scales:

  • All analytycal XA 5Y.A
  • All analytycal XA 5Y
  • Microbalances:
    - XA 21.5Y.M.A
    - XA 21/52.5Y.M.A
    - XA 52.5Y.M.A
    - XA 53.5Y.M.A
  • Microbalances:
    - XA 21.5Y.M
    - XA 21/52.5Y.M
    - XA 52.5Y.M
    - XA 53.5Y.M


To make the feeder work, simply buy the PT0453 cable, which is not part of the set.
2 years warranty
2 years warranty


Protection class
IP 34
Communication interface
Power supply
100 – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
95 W
Operating temperature
+5 ÷ +40 °C
Device dimensions
229×229×303 mm
Net weight
17 kg
Gross weight
26 kg
Diameter of fed objects
ø3 ÷ ø25 mm
Feeder diameter
ø180 mm
1 ÷ 15 pcs/min
external, from balance level