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Chamber for filter weighing

MYF Chamber for Filter Weighing
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  • MYF Chamber for Filter Weighing
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MYF Chamber for Filter Weighing


The MYF chamber for filter weighing is characterized by high ingress protection. Large open-work weighing pan enables precise weighing of filters of various dimensions (max ø100). The chamber is made of stainless steel and is resistant to chemicals, colour change and scratches. The new system of chamber disassembly facilitates maintenance activities. The top lid of the chamber has been equipped with a glass opening allowing the operator to check whether the filter remains in its start position after chamber closing.

The chamber for filter weighing may be used in MYA 5Y microbalance and UYA 5Y ultra-microbalance after disassembly of a regular weighing chamber.

When placing an order for a chamber for MYF filter weighing, a serial number of the scale is required.