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DWM H2 Checkweighers

Multi-Track DWM H2 Checkweigher
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Multi-Track DWM H2 CheckweigherMulti-Track DWM H2 Checkweigher
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This image is for reference only.
Multi-Track DWM H2 CheckweigherMulti-Track DWM H2 Checkweigher
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  • Multi-Track DWM H2 Checkweigher
    Max: 1500 - 7500g | d: 0,2 - 1g
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DWM H2 checkweigher assures the highest quality and accuracy of weighing. It is intended for integration with multi-track packaging machines transporting products to the line using several parallel tracks. It is possible to integrate the DWM H2 checkweigher in systems which due to the required throughput demand use of multiple checkweighers.
The scale is equipped with multiple tracks integrated into one construction, the tracks are operated via one operation panel. Each of the weighing tracks is an independent measuring system equipped with a weighing module and rejecters. The weighing tracks are placed next to each other. With this, products can be picked up directly from the packaging machine.

Multi-track scale throughput: tracks quantity x single track throughput of 500 pcs

Integrated electronics speed up determination of settings, facilitate operation and enable generating single report for a production batch.
The device features user-friendly and intuitive interface, integrated functions facilitating operation and statistics record. The scale enables precise control of pre-packaged goods in accordance with the PGC Regulation.
The complex communication modules ensure full integration of the scale with production line allowing for unattended operation of the device. Connecting the scale to an IT system enables online preview of the production process, record of weighings, and generating reports providing information on weighing statistics, quantity statistics, shutdown and line malfunction.

DWM H2 scale is intended for control of a single load of mass up to 7500 g (depending on the model). Scale's software enables products control to be carried out either in accordance with user requirements or the Pre-Packaged Goods Control Regulation. A 'flexible limits' module is especially intended for pharmaceutical plants. The devices feature PZH food approval certificate.

Area of use:
  • Pre-packaged goods control accordant with the regulation;
  • Comprehensive automatic control of the production process;
  • Supervision over dosing equipment;
  • Verification of product packaging correctness;
  • Weighing drugs, blisters, syrups, etc.
  • Static weighing;
  • Checkweighing;
  • Database of operators with various permissions;
  • Products database;
  • Weighings database;
  • Reports database;
  • +/- control;
  • Pre-packaged goods control mode according to the regulation;
  • Pre-packaged goods control mode according to user requirements;
  • Autodiagnostics;
  • Automatic correction of packaging mass;
  • Verification of rejecter operation;
  • Pressure control of the power supply installation;
  • Bin overload sensor;
  • Integration with feeders;
  • Compatibility with PLCs;
  • Reports;
  • Reports export to PDF files;
  • Control of products transport;
  • Product dimensions control;
  • Smooth regulation of conveyors speed;.
The scale is equipped with industry computer and Windows Embedded operating system. With such a solution, interaction of the operator and the device is intuitive and uncomplicated.
The database module is based on Microsoft SQL Server, which guarantees stable and secure record of data generated by the scale and easy connection of the database with customer's IT system. Protection of data and weighing records is carried out by means of simultaneous record on two separate storage media.

All driver elements of the scale, such as drives, rejecters, emergency buttons, signalling devices are supervised by the real-time computing (RTC) guaranteeing fault-free operation and immediate reaction to incoming control system signals.

Checkweigher enables data exchange via Ethernet network. Implemented communication protocol facilitates automatic sending of weighing records, databases update, determining weighing settings and visualization of the checkweigher online operation.

  • Separate rejecters for 'too light' and 'too heavy' products,
  • Rejecter in a form of a swing conveyor,
  • Optical and acoustic signalling device,
  • Feeder operation in the feedback system,
  • Printers and labeller operation,
  • Two USB ports,
  • Profibus operation,
  • Program for weighings archiving.
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Automatic Scales verification
Automatic Scales verification
Packaged Goods Control
Packaged Goods Control
1 year warranty
1 year warranty


Maximum capacity [Max]
1500 - 7500 g
Minimum load
4 - 20 g
Readability [d]
0,2 - 1 g
Verification unit [e]
0,2 - 1 g
Tare range
-1500 - -7500 g
Max readability for non-verified scale
0,2 - 1 g
Expanded reading unit
0,01 - 0,5 g
OIML Class
XIII (1), Y (a)
Protection class
IP 55, IP 65
Communication interface
Ethernet, USB, RS232, I/O, Modbus, ProfiNet (option), ProfiBus (option)
Power supply
100 – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature
+5 ÷ +40 °C
panel touchscreen
mild steel / stainless steel
Conveyor velocity
1,6 m/s