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DWM HPX Checkweighers

DWM HPX Checkweigher
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DWM HPX CheckweigherDWM HPX CheckweigherDWM HPX CheckweigherDWM HPX CheckweigherDWM HPX Checkweigher
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This image is for reference only.
DWM HPX CheckweigherDWM HPX CheckweigherDWM HPX CheckweigherDWM HPX CheckweigherDWM HPX Checkweigher
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  • DWM HPX Checkweigher
    Max: 1500 - 6000g | d: 1 - 2g
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DWM HPX Checkweigher

Mechanical Design Compliant with HACCP
DWM HPX checkweigher is designed in accordance with ‚hygienic design’ requirements. Adoped solutions minimize potential spots where contamination can accumulate, and facilitate maintenance. Among these solutions there are: round-profile construction, no places accumulating contamination, fast disassembly of conveyors and belts requiring no tools, less flat horizontal surfaces on which contamination may accumulate, stainless steel mechanical design (AISI 304 or 316). Specially-designed gaskets, seal wires and shields guarantee IP69K ingress protection.
Intended Use
This series of checkweighers is intended for food industry, it is especially useful on fish and meat processing production halls. The applied solutions and materials are compliant with strict hygiene standards required for food production. Reinforced, hermetic construction allows to clean the device with pressure washer. 

Measurement Speed and Precision
Mass measurement using DWM HPX checkweigher is carried out with up to 0.5 g readability, on an electromagnetic weighing module housed in a hermetic housing of IP69K ingress protection. 
Clear Information Layout
The 12” display with a touch panel enables easy access to the main functions and clear presentation of the most important information during operation, e.g. current mass value, current statistics, production line throughput and function buttons. 

The DWM checkweigher features an SQL database. The database stores lists of products, operators and measurement reports. 

Connectivity with Central Database System
E2R software enables synchronization of local databases of particular weighing instruments with a central database. With this, it is possible to preview and manage data from the weighing system administrator’s computer. 

Compliance with Global Standards
DWM HPX checkweighers have type approval certification compliant with the MID directive, and have passed tests carried out in accordance with OIML R51. The checkweigher software enables creation of different permission levels for operators, and registers operations carried out on the scale along with possible operator errors.

Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.
The following functions are available to ensure compliance with the regulation:
  • 10  permission levels for operators to be defined by the administrator,
  • requirements for each operator's passwords (determined by the administrator: minimum length, upper-case letters and digits quantity, special signs quantity),
  • the requirement to enter new password at first logging (the first password is entered by the administrator creating the account),
  • determination of password validity period in days
  • automatic logout after a specified time of inactivity
  • operator lockout after 3 incorrect login operations; lockout time specified,
  • unlimited account lockout after 6 incorrect login operations; the account can be unlocked by the administrator
  • saving changes to Audit Trail file; detailed reports on all modifications carried out on the checkweigher (information on parameters modifications including previous and new values), adding information about modification reason. This applies to all operational parameters of the checkweigher, e.g. conveyors speed, enabling/disabling ejector, ejector settings modification, checkweigher start/stop, logging and data contained in all products, operators, weighings and reports databases. All login, start, stop operations and report generating are recorded.
Automatic Scales verification
Automatic Scales verification
1 year warranty
1 year warranty


Maximum capacity [Max]
1500 - 6000 g
Readability [d]
1 - 2 g
OIML Class
XIII (1), Y (a)
12” graphic colour touchscreen
Protection class
IP 69K
Communication interface
RS232, USB, Ethernet, IN, OUT
stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316
Conveyor velocity
1,6 m/s