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MD 07 Metal Detector

MD 07 Metal Detector
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  • MD 07 Metal Detector
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Closed, rectangular tunnel equipped with integrated electronic system. To be installed on band conveyors.

- Food;
- Cosmetic;
- Chemical and pharmaceutical;
- Others.

- Quality control;
- Customer protection;
- Machine protection.

Main advantages:
- Compact look;
- Easy and comfortable to use menu;
- Touch panel.

Optional equipment:
• Test cards  - ball (balls) melted in plastic, used for sensitivity checking  (numerous types and diameters – with certificates, if needed);
• Signalling device – sound and light signals;
• Printer:
   - with RS 232 port (maximal cable length 100 meters);
   - with RS 485 port (maximal cable length  1200 meters);
• Integrated IT solutions:
   - mesuset (detector operation via  laptop);
   - mesunet (web integration and remote operating);
   - others;
• Voltage control system:
   - magnetic stabilizer;
   - electronic stabilizer;
• Remote deleting switch-key;
• Transmission and mechanical separation systems solutions;
• Recoil system:
   - lateral actuator system;
   - trigger flap system;
   - tape stranding device;
   - others;
• Markers:
   - pressure paint nozzle marking system;
   - sack marker;
   - others;
• Belt conveyor flight operating:
   -“maneuverable” belt conveyor flight;
   - others.