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RB F Robotic Weighing System

RB 2.5Y.F Robotic Weighing System
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RB 2.5Y.F Robotic Weighing System
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This image is for reference only.
RB 2.5Y.F Robotic Weighing System
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  • RB 2.5Y.F Robotic Weighing System
    Max: 2.1g | d: 1µg
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The RB 2.5Y.F filter robot is a professional-class measuring device ensuring full automation of filter mass measurement. The robot is based on MYA 5Y microbalance mechanism that guarantees unrivalled repeatability and redability of d= 1 µg. The device enables weighing up to 1020 filters with 47 mm diameter.
The device is enclosed in a tight and dustproof chamber protecting it against any contamination. The air conditioning and humidification system ensures stable and fixed ambient conditions inside the chamber, which guarantees correct filters conditioning. Ambient conditions monitoring allows control of current chamber status and report of data.

  • Fully automatic system for weighing filters with Ø 47 mm
  • Compliance with EN 12341:2014 standard
  • Conditioning and weighing of up to 1020 filters
  • Additional reference magazine
  • Less time consumed when compared to manual filter weighing
  • Elimination of human factor as the reason of measurement errors
  • Process management using RMCS Filter software 
  • Automatic data recording, creating reports and statistics
  • Coding and identification of filters using QR code system
  • Elimination of the influence of electrostatics onto the measurement
  • Hermetic robot chamber and the chamber for filter weighing
  • Air conditioning system, HEPA filter (version without air conditioning on request)
  • Increased pressure in the chamber prevents contamination

The RB 2.5Y.F filter robot comprises:

  • Two magazines for filter storage and weighing. Each magazine consists of 34 discs with 15 filter positions.
  • A six-position reference magazine for storing mass standards and reference filters.
  • A robot with a gripper enabling transport of the filters between the magazine and the microbalance, the robot moves on three axes: X,Y,Z;
  • Microbalance with a draft shield;
  • Ionizing system;
  • An air conditioning system with HEPA filter for cleaning the air in the vicinity of the robot chamber;
  • Ambient conditions monitoring (temperature, humidity, pressure);
  • Weighing indicator for managing of the device operation;
  • QR code reader integrated with the device;
  • QR code printers;
  • A PC with the RMCS Filters software for managing the device operation;
  • Control and adjustment system;
  • An external air conditioning unit.
2 years warranty
2 years warranty


Maximum capacity [Max]
2,1 g
Readability [d]
1 µg
Verification unit [e]
1 mg
Tare range
-2,1 g
Repeatability (Max)
1 - 2 µg
Repeatability (5% Max)
0,5 µg
≤ 1,5 µg
Stabilization time
10 - 20 s
OIML Class
10″ touchscreen
Touch-free operation
2 IR Sensors
Communication interface
USB-A ×2, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi®, Hotspot
Power supply
110 – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature
+19 ÷ +25 °C
Storage temperature
-20 ÷ +50 °C
Operating temperature change rate
±0,3°C/1h (±1°C/8h)
Relative humidity
30% ÷ 70%
Relative humidity change rate
±1%/h (±4%/8h)
8 buttons
Device dimensions
1900×1410×2160 mm
Net weight
700 kg
Gross weight
775 kg