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UYA 5Y.KO Manual Mass Comparator

UYA 6.5Y.KO  Mass Comparator
This image is for reference only.
UYA 6.5Y.KO  Mass ComparatorUYA 6.5Y.KO  Mass ComparatorUYA 6.5Y.KO  Mass ComparatorUYA 6.5Y.KO  Mass Comparator
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This image is for reference only.
UYA 6.5Y.KO  Mass ComparatorUYA 6.5Y.KO  Mass ComparatorUYA 6.5Y.KO  Mass ComparatorUYA 6.5Y.KO  Mass Comparator
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  • UYA 6.5Y.KO  Mass Comparator
    Max: 6.1g | d: 0,1µg
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The newest line of Radwag mass comparators enables adjusting mass standards and weights according to the OIML recommendations (R-111) from 1mg to 5 g in class E1 and lower.

Mass comparators are used for both, ensuring traceability of mass measurements and verification of weights in accordance with the principles of legal metrology. RADWAG Mass Comparators have gained recognition among Accredited Calibration Laboratories in many countries.

The standard equipment of the UYA 5Y.KO mass comparator is an anti-draft chamber eliminating imperfect conditions in weighing rooms (air drafts). The mass comparator is placed inside the anti-draft chamber. Sliding side panes enable easy access to the weighing chamber.

Mass comparator UYA 5Y.KO series, comprises two components. One of them holds the electronic module, and the other precise mechanical measuring system. Such solution guarantees elimination of temperature influence (warming of electronic elements) on the comparator's indications. The comparator features an aesthetic, cylindrically shaped weighing chamber with glass draft shield and automatic door opening system. All elements of the weighing chamber are manufactured from glass or metal to minimize the influence of electrostatic charges on the measuring result.

In order to carry out the weighing process by means of microbalance and ultra-microbalances correctly, it is necessary to prepare the workstation and to operate the device as required.
Usage and installation guidelines are to found in the following document: Installation and usage conditions for ultra-microbalances and microbalances.
2 years warranty
2 years warranty


E1 Calibration Range
1 mg ÷ 5 g
E2 Calibration Range
1 mg ÷ 5 g
F1 Calibration Range
1 mg ÷ 5 g
F2 Calibration Range
1 mg ÷ 5 g
M1 Calibration Range
1 mg ÷ 5 g
M2 Calibration Range
1 mg ÷ 5 g
Maximum capacity [Max]
6,1 g
Readability [d]
0,1 µg
Standard repeatability [5% Max]
0,2 µg
Standard repeatability [Max]
0,4 µg
Permissible repeatability
0,6 µg
Eccentricity (tested load)
1d / 1 mm
Electric compensation range
0 ÷ 6,1 g
Stabilization time
30 s
internal (automatic)
10″ touchscreen
Supplementary weights internal
Supplementary weights external
Communication interface
USB-A ×2, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi®, Hotspot
Operating temperature
+15 ÷ +30 °C
Operating temperature change rate
±0,5°C/12h (±0,3°C/4h)
Relative humidity
40% ÷ 60%
Relative humidity change rate
± 2 % / 4 h
Weighing pan dimensions
ø16 mm
Weighing device dimensions
370×160×175 mm
Controling device dimensions
249×170×72 mm
Anti-draft chamber dimensions
560×350×255 mm
Packaging dimensions
655×755×445 mm
Chamber packaging size
820×840×630 mm
Net weight
10,1 kg
Gross weight
16,5 kg